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FAQ About Our Quality Blinds & Awnings

1. Can Urban Track be locked off in any position?
Yes. By installing the Multi Position Locking Receiver available with Urban Track, your blind can be locked off in any position.

2. Are the edges sealed in the track?
Yes, for greater protection and longer service life.

3. What types of material can I use on my Urban Track system?
Depending on what look you are wanting to achieve with your system, Atmosphere external screen mesh, Starscreen fabric and Prime clear PVC all work perfectly with Urban Track. Additionally, Atmosphere is available in two constructions – 1% openness for privacy and 5% openness for a better view. 
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4. How do I clean my Urban Track?
Use warm soapy water to clean your system and silicone spray the edges to keep the system functional. Refer to the manufacturer's recommendations for cleaning the fabric or PVC in your Urban track.

5. Can I open my Urban Track from the outside?
Yes. Urban Track can be fitted with a Central Locking Mechanism, which allows access from inside or outside the system.

6. What is the warranty for Urban Track?
The Urban Track system comes with a 5-year warranty. 
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7. What is the maximum width and maximum drop available with Urban Track?
The maximum width of Urban Track is 6.0 metres, however, 4.0 metres is generally recommended. Urban Track has a maximum drop of 5.8 metres.

8. What colours are available in Urban Track?
Urban Track is available can be powder-coated to any required colour and is available ex-stock in: Black, Classic Cream, Monument, Pearl White and Surf Mist.

9. Can we match Urban Track to our Colorbond® roof?
Yes, Urban Track can be powder-coated to any Colorbond® colour.

10. What is the difference between a C channel blind and the Urban Track blinds?
On a standard C channel blind, the fabric rolls up and down loosely inside the C Channel and can be prone to blowing out of the channel in windy conditions. On the Urban Track system, there are two extruded aluminium side channels. The outer and inner channels are designed to retain and secure the sides of the fabric.

11. Can I install Urban Track on my shed or under the house to use as a wall divider or barrier?
Yes – provided there is a structural pole or wall to mount the blind to.

12. Can I run all my blinds from one remote? 
Yes. Urban Motors are available with 3 different remotes;
1 channel – controls one blind
4 channel – controls up to 4 Blinds 
8 channel – controls up to 8 blinds