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Outdoor Blinds Booragoon

Entertain all year round with stylish outdoor blinds in your Booragoon Home

Looking for an option to make your outdoor areas useable all year round? - Urban Track outdoor blinds are an Australian designed and developed, making them the perfect option for your Booragoon home. Urban track is an easy-to-use, smart, slimline tracking system that is an ideal outdoor blind option for Booragoon.

For all year round protection for your Booragoon home, Outdoor blinds are:

  • The Strongest - Super heavy duty
  • Modern Designed - Sleek profile that will add design to your Booragoon home
  • The easiest to use - 3 options crank, spring or motorised.
  • Unique central locking mechanism - can lock down the blinds from the inside or outside.
  • Better at weather protection - Sealed from the bottom to stop water and wind from getting into your outdoor areas
  • Resistant and resilient - Rust-free aluminium & stainless steel construction, mould, mildew & salt water-resistant.


Why outdoor blinds in Booragoon are the best option?

Outdoor blinds offer the best protection from the weather while still allowing you to see into your beautiful backyard or balcony views. Save on your energy bills and create privacy within your backyard.

The bottom rail is sturdy and can be weighted for larger blinds. Side rails hide and protect keder to prevent UV degradation in harsh sunlight. Not only is it sturdy Urban Track is a sturdy system, with components made from aluminium and stainless steel so they won’t rust, and plastic components that are fibreglass infused for greater strength and UV resistance.

Designed for optimal outdoor living and featuring superior visibility and exceptional glare, UV and heat reduction, the versatile Atmosphere range is available in 19 designer colours in two constructions, 1% + 5% openness.

 SBS Blinds & Awnings Products (Above) Provides Clearer Views.

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